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Project Overview

What's New with the US 50?

In 2010, the Illinois General Assembly appropriated $5 million for the expansion of US 50 and included funds for preliminary engineering from Richland County to Lawrence County. We are conducting the Phase 1 Engineering studies which include environmental impact studies, detailed traffic and land use studies, and preliminary engineering studies that are necessary in order to be able to spend federal and state transportation funds on land acquisition and construction for a 4-lane expressway. Part of the Phase 1 studies includes public involvement in the Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) process.


This current study is expected to be completed in Mid 2017 (see schedule above) and will identify, evaluate, and recommend the proposed improvements for the expansion of US 50 to a four-lane expressway. Public input will be an essential component to the proposed improvements. The project will include a preliminary roadway design, environmental and land use analysis, traffic operations and safety analysis, and public outreach to gain input from the project stakeholders.

The Project Location

The project is located in east-central Illinois and is predominately rural throughout the length of the project. The 27-mile project will look at US Route 50 from 2.5 miles west of Illinois Route 130 (near Olney) to 3.5 miles east of Illinois Route 1 (near Lawrenceville). 

US50 Project


Please note that the US 50 Expressway Project website is continuously being updated and we appreciate your patience while we strive to create a site that provides project details, photos, maps, and more in a timely manner. Check back periodically for website updates. The Illinois Department of Transportation looks forward to your input and support throughout this project.